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The ETCO Fast-Loc Plug is a mechanical expansion plug designed to seal the ID of conduit and pipe. The solid elastommeric gasket, produced using ETCO's specially formulated polyurethane, provides a pressure-tight and reusable seal for smooth, ribbed, or corrugated ducts. The Fast-Loc plug includes a 1/2" rope tie to secure pull ropes or unused cables. The Fast-Loc is available in two styles with either a wing nut or loop nut for tightening. The Fast-Loc contains no metal parts. Sizes available range from 3/4" through 2". The wing nut plug can be purchased in style "A" or "B". On Style "A", the washer is flush with the gasket so the plug stops at the wing nut as it is tightened into the conduit. On Style "B", the washer is larger than the gasket so the washer stops at the end of the conduit. The loop nut plug comes only in style "B".



Smooth or Ribbed innerduct

smooth or ribbed innerduct diagram

Pressure Tight and Reusable

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